A Consultant Firm Should Repay $25,000 To Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County made a $345,000 deal with the Houston-based firm Next Wave Strategies to provide outreach on the coronavirus vaccine. Nevertheless, according to the Fort Bend Star, a recent county audit asserted that the firm should repay $25,000 out of questionable expenses. 

Thus far, the county has paid  $102,200 to the firm, and the county audit assures that only about 75 percent of that can be vogued for. The desición to award this firm with the outreach strategy passed in a divided 3-2 vote in the county’s court. This decision was very controversial from the beginning.

The audit was started by request of one of the members of the court.  “I question why we need to spend $345,000 on this particular effort, since we’re already doing an outstanding job,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers to the Fort Bend Star. “And it’s my personal policy not to vote to give money to a firm that is a political operative.”

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