A Traveling Theater Teacher Wins Support Of Beyonce

Shavonne Banks-Davis has been teaching theater for 7 years now. She travels from school to school in North Texas to teach theater to kids. After lots of hard work, she finally owns her company called Acting with Mrs. Davis which started one year ago. 

She has been contracted by Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth After School, and YMCA to teach theater to kids completely free. Shavonne told ABC 13 that she wanted to bring theater skills to more than just one school or one space and that’s how she started being a traveling teacher.

Recently she received a $10,000 grant from the BeyGood Foundation and the NAACP. BeyGood Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Texan pop star Beyoncé. The singer and songwriter of Around the world and Single ladies donate to small businesses run by black people.

Shavonne had to explain what her little business was about and what were her plans if she won the $10,000 prize but she thought she would never win. It was the middle of the night when she received an email with the good news, she was so excited she woke up her husband. 

“For them to select me out of, I know there are probably thousands of people who applied for this, it was so humbling,” told Shavonne to ABC 13

Shavonne strongly believes every kid should have the opportunity to express themselves and that money shouldn’t be an impediment to exploiting the kid’s talent.

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