Beto O’Rourke Makes A Sweet Impression In Sugar Land

Not even the rainy midday weather stopped hundreds of Fort Bend County Beto supporters from gathering to hear what the former El Paso Congressman had to say.

Beto O’Rourke, continues his run for Governor of Texas, and visits Sugar Land where he was greeted like an old friend, with people waving Beto for Texas signs and wearing Beto for Texas t-shirts.

Beto supporters waving signs and filming the Congressman.

Like in his past rallies, O’Rourke spoke about issues surrounding voting rights, gun laws, increasing funding for public schools, Texas’ six-week abortion ban – and of course, the crowd favorites; fully expanding Medicaid and legalizing marijuana.

“Imagine more Texans well enough and healthy enough to fulfill their potential and live up to their promise in their lives. We can do it, we only need to take yes for an answer,” O’Rourke comments on his wish to hire more providers throughout rural Texas, where hospitals and clinics are closing by the dozens.

Beto speaking about issues he wishes to tackle as Governor of Texas, this includes; legalizing marihuana and expanding Medicaid.

O’Rourke also criticized Gov. Greg Abbott on his “pro-life” stance and his poor handling of the February winter storm. 

“Greg Abbott will tell you this is about pro-life, but if he were pro-life we would see different outcomes in the state of Texas,” O’Rourke said.

After finishing his speech, O’Rourke stayed behind for a “meet and greet”, where he cheerfully talked to supporters and took pictures with them.

Beto hosting the “meet and greet” at the end of his speech.

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