Child Hit By Car While Getting Ice Cream

A 5 year old boy was hit by a car in San Antonio, while he was out with his father and grandmother getting ice cream.

Police forces, according to the San Antonio Police Department, arrived on Saturday at Avant Avenue, where the event happened at around 6:15 pm in the 1300 block.

The police were told that the child went out with his grandmother and father to get ice cream, and his grandmother had told him to wait while his father went back into their home across the street. He didn’t listen, and ran after his dad, shortly after he got hit by a car.

The car stopped momentarily, but then drove away. The police arrived at the scene and the child was taken to the nearest children’s hospital. According to the doctors, he suffered some minor injuries to the left of his face and his back, but he’s overall out of danger.

The car was identified as a silver Chevrolet, and if police forces are able to find the driver, they are facing charges of Failure to Stop and Render Aid. The case is still under investigation and police are still trying to find the culprit.

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