Did Dexter McCoy Seize Victory In Democratic Runoffs?

With more than 60% of the vote, Dexter McCoy won his seat in the runoff election for Democratic candidate in Precinct 4 Commissioner last Thursday. At 10:23, Fort Bend County reported that McCoy had accumulated 3,220 votes, leaving behind his opponent, Neeta Sane, who got 2,087 votes, according to Community Impact. 

The victory surprised some of the voters, in the primary elections Neeta Sane had the upper hand by 148 votes. Same election in which Ken Demerchant secured only 14% of the votes. He will contest for Precinct 4 Commissioner in November against the Republican candidate. 

Dexter McCoy served County Judge KP George as chief of staff. He also worked in the Obama-Biden administration. His proposals for the district include investing in infrastructure, technology, and bringing the internet to marginalized areas, among others. 

7.8% of the registered voters were counted in this election. These results are unofficial until registered by the county clerk. 

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