Elections Start Today In Ford Bent County

Since 8 in the morning, the ballot box is open to people from Ford Bent County to vote for the democratic party candidate that will contest for Commissioner Precinct 4 in the local elections. The early election ceased on Friday, according to the Fort Bend County Star.

The runoff election in Ford Bent County has the objective to choose between the two possible democratic candidates that didn’t reach the necessary votes in the Primary Election. To win, any candidate needed 50% of the vote.

Neeta Sane accumulated 39.89% of the vote in the Democratic Primary. She will contest against Dexter McCoy, who secured 38.03% of the vote, according to Community Impact. The difference between the candidates was 148 votes. The race to fill the Precinct 4 seat will be tight and high profile. Ken DeMerchant, who ran in the first round, won’t be on the ballot, he only secured 14.34% of the votes. 

Dexter McCoy worked in the Obama-Biden administration, he performed as Chief of Staff of the County Judge. Among his achievements, he was part of the $11 million designations in ARPA grant money to local nonprofit organizations and championed a campaign to bring the internet to marginalized areas. His proposals include infrastructure like roads and investing in technology to connect the community.

Neeta Sane is a democrat who worked as an owner of a little business and as a Consultant in Fort Bend Child Care Assistance Grant, Fort Bend Emergency Rental Assistance, and Fort Bend Entrepreneur Series. Her proposals include a flood prevention plan, trauma-designated health care, and ruling with a gender perspective.

The Democratic party will have runoff races for these other positions: lieutenant governor, attorney general, commissioner of the General Land Office, comptroller of public accounts, and county treasurer

The early vote ended on  May 20. 

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