Families Helping Families Shine A Light Of Hope On 3,000 Struggling Families

Families Helping Families, a nonprofit organization, are Fort Bend’s own personal angels, helping families in their region since 2013. 

This year they were able to assist 3,000 families – 300 more than last year –  in their annual Thanksgiving food drive. Quincy Collins, the nonprofit organization’s founder, started this event last year. 

“This year, with the help of corporate sponsors we were able to provide 3,000 families with a week’s worth of groceries and Thanksgiving dinner,” Collins said, as reported by Click 2 Houston. 

The food drive was at George Bush High School in Richmond. The goal was to reduce food insecurities across their region, since food prices have increased during the pandemic, it has been difficult for some to provide food for their families. 

Jerome D. Love, CEO and founder of the Texas Black Expo, said help for area residents, as well as restaurants, remains a concern – holiday or not. 

However, organizations like Families Helping Families supporting those in need, is a good start to address the problem. 

“Stuff like this, it helps [put] everybody at ease [and] have something to look forward to during the holidays,” said one family member that attended Saturday’s event. 

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