Fort Bend Authorities Have A Plan To Connect Thousands To A High-Speed Internet Connection.

Around 60% of Fort Bend is either unincorporated to an internet connection or has one that is undeveloped or underserved. A study published by Fox shows that there are around 180,000 households in the county that don’t have an internet connection or have a deficient one. Fort Bend county leadership wants to change that and they are looking for partners to fix their problems. 

Fort Bend County Judge KP George told Fox that the problems regarding internet connection are among the most important ones in the city and that they will only increase in the future as it will be more and more important to be incorporated into the digital world. “We are going to have a million people by the beginning of 2026, so we are growing exponentially,” he said. Judge George explained that the city council is seeking a grant of $45 billion dollars from the federal government and that they are searching for internet providers who can help build the infrastructure.

“In order to invite quality companies, we have to have this kind of infrastructure in our county,” he said. “We are committed as a county, we are a hundred percent committed because economic development is a top priority.”

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