Fort Bend County Approves Precinct Maps That Reflect ‘The Growth And Changes In Our Community’

On Nov 5. Fort Bend County Commissioners voted in a meeting to approve new precinct maps that will lead to significant changes to all four actual precincts, shifting both statewide and local representation. 

What are the changes? 

Precinct 1:

Led by:
Commissioner Vincent Morales

Served the largest portion of the county which extended from the south Katy area to the southernmost part of the county, and now will only serve the Katy area, as reported by CI.  

Precinct 2:

Led by: Commissioner Grady Prestage

This Precinct will increase, going from serving more urban areas in the northeast portion of the county to extending along Fort Bend County’s easternmost boundary.

Precinct 3:

Led by: Commissioner Andy Meyers

Currently serves the Katy area, but will move to the Sugar Land and Missouri City areas. 

Precinct 4:

Led by: Commissioner Andy Meyers 

Currently serves the new Precinct 3 areas and will shift to covering the Rosenberg and Richmond areas. 

“We listened to the concerns of the public over these past several weeks and the desire for more equitable representation. The map I presented best represents the county and is reflective of the growth and changes in our community,” said Fort Bend County Judge KP George.

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