Fort Bend County Gets Ready For March Primary

The March Primary election is just around the corner, which is why both Republican and Democrat parties in Fort Bend County are working to encourage people to take a trip to the polls. 

Cynthia Ginyard, chairwoman of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party, hopes that voters will show up even though 2022 is not a presidential election. She believes that these elections matter and that Democrats will show up. 

She also explained to The Houston Chronicle  the importance of voting for local leaders because those touch Texans’ lives every day. 

“When you have an issue, you don’t call the president of the United States: You call your local leaders, your local elected officials,” she said. 

FBCDP actively works to engage with voters, keeping them motivated and reaching out to them via social media, emails, texts, advertising and door-to-door canvassing. 

“I think there’s enough motivation out there to keep our voters coming to the polls,” Ginyard said.

Ginyard also explained how the new hurdles that were placed by the state government – referring to the SB1 bill, which has raised concerns about “voter suppression” since it was passed in September by Gov. Greg Abbott – are intimidating voters. 

“So we’re doing what we can do to work around those barriers and hurdles that the government — our state government — has put in the way of the voters because they don’t want people to vote,” Ginyard said.

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