Historical Commission Is Preparing Celebrations for the 200th anniversary of Ford Bent County

2 hundred years ago a group of settlers sailed on the Lively from Nueva Orleans in the search of a new place to live. They traveled through the Brazos River, where they decided to build a cabin on the shore that was called Fort Bend. And that’s how the county was founded. 

This year it’s the 200th anniversary of the county and the historical commission has planned various activities and contests. Chris Goldbod, the president of the historical commission told the Fort Bend Herald they´ve been planning this birthday since 2021.

“The celebration will include improvement of the commission’s educational offerings, promotion of historical and cultural sites in the county, and improvement of the diversity of appointees and volunteers.” Additionally, they will be cooperating with the local museums to make a museum crawl in honor of the county’s history.

Goldbod explained that they reached out to the community, local government school districts, and people in general to organize different activities. The historical commission additionally partnered up with Lamar CISD to hold an essay contest about the county’s foundation. The winners were announced on May first. 

The celebration will take place in mid-summer or early fall. A similar celebration was held in 1972 when the county turned 150 years old, according to the Fort Bend Herald. 

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