Human Trafficking in Fort Bend, 30 People Arrested and 1 Juvenile Victim Rescued

As authorities reported on Wednesday, the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office collaborated with the Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance and partnering agencies to conduct a multi-day proactive operation in February.

“Over three days, Operation Cupid aimed to combat human trafficking in Fort Bend County by identifying and arresting those intending to buy sex” said Assistant District Attorney Craig Priesmeyer.

As a result of the joint operation, a teenager was rescued and 30 people with the intention of buying sex, were arrested.

“Commonly known as ‘johns,’ they create the demand for human trafficking and contribute to the pervasive problem the community faces from these crimes. We are focused on saving victims by following basic economics; removing the demand will reduce the supply.” said Fort Bend County District Attorney, Brian Middleton.

The authorities in Fort Bend highlighted the need of actively looking for sex trafficking within every community, urging citizens to adopt the motto “See something, Say Something”.

Furthermore, the DA’s office stated they will continue directing their efforts to eradicate human trafficking in Fort Bend, pursuing anyone involved in the activity.

 “As I have said before, we will be relentless in our pursuit of those responsible for human trafficking, including those who create the demand for trafficking victims in this county,” said the DA.

The partner agencies involved in Operation Cupid included the Sugar Land Police Department, Houston Police Department, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri City Police Department, Department of Public Safety, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Homeland Security.

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