It’s Raining Dogs, Fort Bend County Shelter Seeks Seeks Help

Fort Bend County Animal Services is looking for all the help they can get. They are overwhelmed with dogs everywhere, some are even sleeping in crates in hallways.

In the past weeks they have had a steady flow of incoming dogs, however no one is coming in to adopt them.

The shelter, located in Rosenberg, has a capacity of around 150 dogs, as of last week they have around 200 dogs, according to Rene Vazquez, director of Fort Bend County Animal Services.

Why so many now?

The main reason is that adoptions are low. 

“Our adoptions are down and the animals don’t stop coming in,” he said to Click2Houston.

Vazquez also said that since times are rough, people aren’t eager to adopt because of the money and time it consumes.

However, Vazquez is asking to consider even temporary fostering to help out the shelter. They are also looking for people to adopt the animals and volunteer. 

For more information on how to foster, volunteer, and/or adopt, you can visit Fort Bend County Animal Services at 1210 Blume Road in Rosenberg or click here.

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