Mass Shooting in San Antonio

2 people died and 5 were injured at a mass shooting in San Antonio last Sunday.

What first was a normal family barbeque to celebrate Father’s Day quickly turned into a tragedy, and police officers are still investigating the details of what happened. 

According to officials, the family was attacked by a driver who shot from 20 to 30 rounds from his car at around 10:15 pm. The driver apparently targeted the family directly, while they were out in their yard having a barbeque.

Two men died at the scene, and another two men and two women were injured. The survivors were taken to the nearest hospital and appear to be stable for the moment. Authorities are still on the lookout for the culprit, and the only information they have at the time is that the car is a dark-colored SUV. 

“I told my husband, was that fireworks? He goes, ‘no, that was a gun.’ There was some gunshots,” one of the neighbors who lives down the street told KSAT News.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus that the investigation is still going on and they will reveal if any new details arise. He also stated that there were six minors at the crime scene but fortunately, none of them were injured.

“I still hear the little girl screaming. She was just screaming. And I could hear a lady screaming. And I mean, it was, it was like a nightmare,” said the neighbor.

Mere 15 minutes after the police were notified of this shooting, there were reports of another one happening less than two miles away in the 9200 block of S. Zarzamora Street. It is still unclear if both shootings are related.

San Antonio has seen an increase in gun violence, and overall the state of Texas has suffered great blows recently, the biggest one being the school shooting in Uvalde. Chief McManus expressed in a press conference that this is a pressing matter that needs to be solved.

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