‘Massage parlors’ prohibited in Fort Bend County

On Tuesday, the Fort Bend County Attorney’s Office set new rules prohibiting massage parlors – but not massage establishments – in the county, according to attorney Bridgette Smith-Lawson.

The new rule states that these parlors are usually illegal businesses that promote crimes like human trafficking and prostitution.

“These businesses exploit innocent human trafficking victims through force, fraud and coercion to perform illegal sexual acts,” said Smith-Lawson to KHOU11. “Many of these victims include minors/children under the age of 17.”

What are the differences between “massage parlors” and “massage establishments”? 

According to the Commissioners Court, Massage Parlors contain: 

  1. a nude person massaging a customer
  2. a person having sexual contact with a customer for payment
  3. a clothed person giving massages with the intent to arouse or gratify a customer’s sexual desire

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