‘Not Fit To Hold Office’: Fort Bend ISD Trustees Call For Denetta Williams’ Resignation

A lot of recent drama related to school boards has been related to Denetta Williams. The Fort Bend ISD board of trustees said in this week’s board meeting that  “Williams used disparaging language to refer to district staff and trustees, including calling them ‘garbage, sewage, and trash,”.

The board voted six-to-one to publicly denounce colleague Denetta Williams’ actions. They don’t have the power to remove Williams but called for her resignation. According to KHOU 11, the board’s decision followed an outside investigation prompted partly by a district employee’s harassment and intimidation claims against Williams.

It also found that Williams defamed staff, trustees, and citizens primarily on social media.

“Including, for example, referring to the board president as “Hitler,” another trustee as a “Nazi,” staff members as crooks, and citizens as “toddler brains” with different emojis,” read Board President Dave Rosenthal from the resolution.

Williams also failed to participate in a recent superintendent search, other district business, and board training sessions, posting on social media “that a trip with the KKK, serial killer or a rapist would be more suitable”.

“Indefensible,” “uncouth” and an “embarrassment to the district” is how the investigator summarized Williams’s communications.

Williams, who was first elected to the board in 2020, said she has no intention of resigning and denies any wrongdoing. 

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