Peggy Anne Dodd Was Found After 38 Years Through Cutting-edge Technology

Peggy Anne Dodd disappeared in 1984. The police started looking for her immediately, but never found her whereabouts. After 38 years of extensive DNA research and the efforts of officers and genealogists, finally Peggy has been identified, according to the Fort Bend Herald.

Peggy who was 29 years when she disappeared was found on a property of Manford William Ranch on December 22, 1984 but the sheriff’s investigators didn’t have much information about its clothing or physical characteristics, so they left the case open for decades.  

Recently, a group of genealogists of Intermountain and Astrea Forensics built a genetic genealogy that was compared to the DNA of the body found so long ago. The autopsy showed it was Peggy. Nevertheless, they didn’t acknowledge the cause of death

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s veteran Homicide Detective Scott Minyard worked closely with Daniel Hellwig, laboratory director at Intermountain Forensics. “Intermountain Forensics is honored to help give back Peggy Anne Dodd her name and hopefully provide a small measure of closure and comfort to her family and friends,” he said. 

According to ABC13, Peggy´s Family spent thousands of sleepless nights and worries through the years. They said about her that she was a mother, separated from her husband. Her sister described her as a free soul that loved hitchhiking.

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