Republicans Want The County’s Top Leadership Role, Is Judge George In Trouble?

Fort Bend County has been all blue since County Judge George made history in 2019, when he became the first person of color to lead the county.

However, in these upcoming elections, the Republican Party is fighting to regain control and they just might achieve it, according to Mark Jones, a political scientist with Rice University.

Despite victories for Democrats in recent years in Fort Bend, the county judge’s seat is in reach for Republicans this year because of the declining approval rate for President Joe Biden, said Jones, as reported by The Houston Chronicle.

County Judge KP George is seeking a second term, to build on his administration’s progress and will be going up against Republican Trever Nehls, an Army veteran and former constable who cited a “lack of true leadership” and “hyper partisanship” from Judge George. 

Before the showdown, both men must first get past opponents in the Republican and Democratic primaries on March 1. 

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