‘The Future Of Black America’ Is In Fort Bend County

To wrap up Black History Month, on Feb.24, a panel of five Fort Bend County leaders sat down to discuss “The Future of Black America.”

According to The Houston Chronicle, Fort Bend County Judge KP George opened the event, pointing out the county should serve as a model for other communities on how diverse cultures can live together well.

Here is a list of the most important topics discussed in the panel: 

  • Combat voter apathy:  Bridgette Smith-Lawson, Fort Bend County county attorney, said bringing out the Black vote requires “saturating” the community with messages through radio and TV ads, texts and robocalls and going door to door.

    “Then also, before you get to that, there has to be an understanding that our vote counts, our vote matters,” she said, noting the nation’s history of institutional racism and how it has deeply impacted what the Black community thinks about voting.
  • Choose candidates that aline with your values: People who don’t like what they see from their government officials should consider whether they themselves could do a better job and then be willing to step up and run, or think about a friend who might do well in the office, said Charann Thompson, Fort Bend County assistant district attorney, as reported by The Houston Chronicle.

  • Mental health barriers: Christin Lee, licensed psychological associate with Fort Bend County Behavioral Health Services, said we have to normalize feeling our feelings, and not being OK all the time.

    Azeb Yusuf, chief development officer for Bee Busy Wellness Center, said the top issues in mental health among Black communities are financial and cultural barriers. 

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