Voting Registration Increased In GOP Counties And That Could Be Good For Democrats

Dallas County is the most important Democrat stronghold in Northern Texas. In 2018, for instance, Beto O’Rourke won Dallas with 68% of the vote and the county has been governed by Democrats since 2006. Nevertheless, according to the Dallas Morning News, the registration of new voters in Dallas didn’t grow as much as the neighboring counties, which are traditionally GOP leaning. 

According to voter-registration data from the Texas Secretary of State’s office, Dallas county has 1.42 million registered voters, nearly 85,000 more than four years ago. Collin County, though, saw a net increase since 2018 of about 114,000 voters; Denton, about 109,000; Kaufman, about 21,000; and Rockwall, about 16,000. All these counties that neighbor Dallas have traditionally voted red. 

Rice University analyst and pollster Marc Jones told the Dallas Morning News that this increase in voter registration has two main reasons; an radical increase in their population and the migration of people living in Dallas that move to suburban areas located outside of the Dallas county. That is why, according to Jones, this increase of voters in GOP dominated counties does not necessarily mean that Republicans are going to smash Democrats, all of the contrary; the demographic change can also mean politicians swing. 

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