Biden Met King Charles For The First Time Since His Coronation

President Joe Biden and King Charles III met for the first time since the King’s coronation last Monday.

The US president visited Windsor Castle in his trip, this is his second visit to the Castle since he took office. His first visit was when he met Queen Elizabeth II in 2021. The Queen met 12 US presidents in her reign.

The meeting was focused on climate change, which Biden has called “the existential threat to human existence as we know it.” They met with special envoy for climate John Kerry and private sector company leaders at a climate event. They discussed barriers to private investment, according to a report by CNN.

“There’s a lot of capital in the world. But some of it’s been sitting on the sidelines. And what we need to do now is accelerate the development of new technologies and also the deployment of existing technology: solar, wind, nuclear, and so forth,” Kerry said.

In the meeting Biden put his hand on King Charles’ back, which drew the attention of many people who believed that the president broke the protocol by initiating physical contact with the monarch. Despite this, a royal source told CNN:

“[His Majesty the King is] entirely comfortable with that kind of contact – and what a wonderful symbol of warmth and affection it was between both the individuals and their nations!” the source said.

“Contrary to some reports that is, in fact, the correct protocol,” they said.

The meeting was closely watched, and both the King and the President looked comfortable. The president also met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to discuss a range of political issues, including Ukraine.

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