Chinese President Xi Jinping Will Not Go To The G20 Summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping will apparently skip this week’s G20 summit in India as friction grows between two of the most populated countries in the world. Chinese Premier Li Qiang will represent China in the September 9-10 summit instead, reports the Associated Press.

“Premier Li Qiang will elaborate on China’s views and propositions on G20 cooperation, promote the G20 to strengthen solidarity and cooperation and work together to address global economic and development challenges,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning.

Mao did not answer when reporters asked why Xi would not attend the G20 summit.

The relations between the two countries have become strained due to their ongoing border dispute. Three years ago, tension rose at the border in the Ladakh region, resulting in a clash that killed 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers. Since then, each side has stationed military personnel, backed by artillery, tanks and fighter jets.

Both countries’ military commanders met last month to speak about their disputed border, and they pledged to maintain peace.

India has also recently strengthened commercial ties with China’s main rival, the United States, while China began relations with India’s main rival Pakistan, backing it on their dispute over Kashmir.

Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not assist the summit. He is currently facing war crimes over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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