Diplomatic Crisis Tests India’s Emergence As A Global Power

India after hosting the Group of 20 Summit and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign policy successes, is now grappling with a diplomatic crisis triggered by allegations from Canadian leader Justin Trudeau. Trudeau suggested that India may have been involved in the killing of a Sikh Canadian citizen in June, leading to a diplomatic mess, according to the Associated Press.

Tensions between Canada and India had been simmering during the G20 summit, despite public appearances of diplomacy. Trudeau’s claims have exacerbated the situation, resulting in both countries expelling diplomats and visa suspensions.

India has long sought a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, given its status as the world’s most populous country and one with the fastest-growing economy. However, despite support from countries like the United States, Britain, and Russia, bureaucratic hurdles and potential opposition from China have hindered India’s bid.

The current diplomatic spat with Canada, however, poses questions about whether India’s emerging ties with the West could be jeopardized. Initially, Western allies react cautiously, but as tensions escalate, India may face challenges in maintaining its surging relations with the West.

As India’s foreign minister engages with other nations during the UN General Assembly, there is hope that diplomatic meetings on the sidelines could help defuse the situation. Washington may play a role in facilitating discussions between Indian and Canadian diplomats to mitigate the damage.

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