FBISD to Select Certain Students for Virtual Learning

FBISD has begun discussing virtual learning for the next school year, scheduled for the 2021-22 period.

As schools start reopening, it has been said that not everything can go back to the old normal, with COVID still being a threat in spite of vaccine distribution.

To lower the risk of transmissions, a mixed school modality is currently being discussed, with the possibility of having selected students from FBISD undergoing virtual learning for the 2021-22 school year.

Initial budget projections presented by Deputy Superintendent Diana Saaavedra and FBISD Chief Financial Officer Bryan Guinn show the district has allocated $3.9 million for this virtual option, which includes 41 full-time employee salaries and operational costs.

“Our expectation is the vast majority of students will return face to face,” Saavedra said. “However, we are still planning for a virtual option with an exceptions-based enrollment process.”

The official FBISD website reads, that the intention of the transition to face-to-face instruction will be to include everyone, prioritizing students in Prekindergarten to sixth grade and ninth grade.

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