German Far-Right Group Calls The EU A “Failed Project”

Alternative for Germany (AfD), a far-right party of Germany, said that the European Union was a “failed project” at its party convention in Magdeburg last Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

The party also rejected the Euro as a currency and stated that the EU “completely failed” in everything, including migration policies.

As the elections for the European Parliament get closer, the far-right party calls for the EU to be re-founded as a federation of European Nations, the main goal of this federation would be the protection of borders against migration, strategic autonomy in security policy and the preservation of the different identities in Europe.

AfD candidates recently won elections in eastern Germany. This is the first time the party leads a county administration for the first time since the 1930s and holds the mayoralty in a town. Recent polls estimate that the support for the AfD is between 19 and 22%, behind the main conservative opposition bloc.

Some AfD officials had expressed their support for Germany to exit the European Union, calling it “Dexit”. Despite these claims, the new program says the AfD supports a “Europe of fatherlands, a European community of sovereign, democratic states.”

AfD has a list of 35 candidates for the next year’s elections of the European Parliament.

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