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Luis Rubiales Resigns As Spain’s Soccer President Three Weeks After Kiss Scandal

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish soccer federation that got suspended after kissing a player at the Women’s World Cup Final, just resigned after three weeks of immense pressure, reports the Associated Press.

Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso during the awards ceremony of the World Cup after Spain won the title on Aug. 20 in Sydney, Australia. Hermoso said that Rubiales kissed her without her consent.

He said that the kiss was consensual and done in a moment of jubilation. “I could give one to my daughters,” he added.

Rubiales got suspended form his job by FIFA, and Hermoso accused him of sexual assault.

“After my swift suspension by FIFA, and the rest of the cases building against me, it is clear that I cannot return to the post,” Rubiales said on Sunday in a tweet on X/Twitter.

“The former president of the Spanish soccer federation has done what he had to do,” Spain’s Secretary of State for Sport Víctor Francos said. “I think it is what practically the entirety of Spanish society had asked him to do.”

Hermoso claimed that she and her family were pressured by the federation to show her support for Rubiales. In support of the player, Spain’s women world champions and dozens of players refused to play until there were charges against Rubiales.

Rubiales will also resign as vice president of the UEFA, the European soccer federation.

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