National Juneteenth Museum Will Stand In Fort Worth Texas

The commemoration of Juneteenth is reaching greater dimensions since last year. Part of this year’s celebrations is the building of a National Juneteenth Museum in Fort Worth.

Juneteenth is a holiday that celebrates the abolition of slavery. The first time it was celebrated was in 1856 in Texas when the Civil War ended. Although centuries had to pass before it was first declared a federal holiday. Last year president Biden signed the law with Opal Lee, who is considered Juneteenth grandmother. 

Opal Lee has been working tirelessly to commemorate and contribute to the memory of this historical event. She has also led the efforts to build the National Juneteenth museum.

“To have lived long enough to see my walking and talking make an impact is one thing, but to know that a state-of-the-art museum that will house the actual pen that President Biden used to sign the bill, and many other exhibits, is coming to pass as well — I could do my holy dance again,” she stated.

The National Juneteenth Museum will be placed where the Juneteenth Museum is located in Fort Worth. This former museum was the setting of the movie “Miss Junteenth”. The project is also part of mixed-use development to rehabilitate the city’s Historic SouthSide.

The museum will host lectures, events, and exhibits that continue the necessary conversation about the global significance of freedom. Its main objective is to educate guests about the legacy and experience of the slaves.

“The museum will be led by a collaboration of activists, researchers, historians, and everyday people who understand the influence of history on the trajectory of the human experience,” posted the Government of Fort Worth Texas on their website. 

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