Russia Targets Grain Silos Near The Danube Delta After Moscow Broke A Safe Shipping Agreement

Russian drone attacks targeted Ukrainian grain storage facilities and ports along the Danube. The Associated Press reports that Ukraine has relied on this River as an alternative route to transport grain to Europe, after Russia broke a safe shipping agreement in the Black Sea.

Since Russia exited the agreement, Ukraine had to look for other routes of safe transport of grain to Europe. The country has used the Danube since then, which is the second largest river in Europe.

Farming is indispensable for Ukraine’s economy. Its agricultural exports are fundamental for world supplies of wheat, corn, barley, and sunflower oil.

Odesa Gov. Oleh Kiper said the targets of Russia’s drones were grain silos and port terminals, including ports in the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta Ports are only about 10 miles from the border with Romania, which is part of NATO.

Russia has also launched cruise missiles towards Ukrainian cities. Last Saturday three people were killed after a rocket hit an industrial building in the city of Lutsk, which is near to the Poland border.Last Sunday, a Russian warship fired warning shots at a cargo ship in the south-western Black Sea. This is the first time since Russia fired on a cargo ship since the country left the agreement for sage shipping through the Black Sea last month.

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