Russian Missiles Killed 6 People in Zelenskyy’s Hometown

A Russian Ballistic missile strikes into the hometown of president Volodymyr Zelenskyy this Monday, slamming into an apartment complex and a university building. The ballistic missile killed 6 people, including a 10-year-old girl and her mother, and injured 75 others, according to Zeleneskyy.

One missile destroyed part of an apartment complex, between the fourth and nine floors; the other missile hit a four-story university building.

This Sunday, Zelenskyy warned Russia about more attacks inside the country. “Gradually, the war is returning to the territory of Russia — to its symbolic centers and military bases, and this is an inevitable, natural and absolutely fair process,” he said in his nightly video.

Ukraine wants to take the war to Russian territory, reportedly using drones to hit important targets, such as Crimea or Moscow. The latest drone strike happened on Sunday, damaging two office buildings a few miles from the Kremlin.

As a part of a counteroffensive, Ukraine has also been deploying weapons supplied by its allies.

In the city of Odessa, Russian strikes targeted on ports and silos have destroyed about 180,000 metric tons of grain in the past nine days. These attacks come after Russia broke off an export agreement for Ukrainian grain.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government introduced restrictions of long-range civilian drones, as they could be converted for military purposes. There have been reports that Ukraine and Russia have used Chinese drones for reconnaissance and possibly attacks.

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