Wild Animals Trample SUV In Fort Bend County

Last week, a Fort bend County man was forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair his SUV after getting trampled by a group of wild animals.

“I come out here, I see the damage to my car, and they took off down the block,” said Jose Gonzalez in an interview with Click2Houston.

Gonzalez said he didn’t get a clear glimpse of the animals, they could have been coyotes or just a pack of stray dogs.

He then told the newspaper the damage to his car had been about $3,500. Also stating that in addition to the cost of his SUV, his wife’s car had also been clawed at and needed to be taken into the shop.

Gonzalez hopes the pack of animals is found and relocated so they won’t be able to cause more harm in the neighborhood. To achieve that he filed a police report with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office. 

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